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GoldCoast Prebuilt 26" Beacon Bamboo Cruiser Longboard Complete


The GoldCoast Prebuilt 26" Beacon Bamboo Cruiser is designed for carving and cruising. Pressed with 7 plies of maple, it measures 26” long and 7.875" wide. The directional shape has an slight upturned nose and kicktail for maneuverability. The platform has a radial concave for foot support and wheel wells to prevent wheel bite.

The Beacon Bamboo Longboard Complete comes fully assembled with the GoldCoast Prebuilt 26" Beacon Bamboo Cruiser Longboard Deck, Century 180mm Trucks, GoldCoast ShredBoot 70mm 85a Wheels, GoldCoast Bearings, Risers, and Hardware.

Function: Carve, Cruise
Material: 7 Plies of Maple
Features: Kicktail, Upturned Nose, Radial Concave, Top Mount, Directional 
Length: 26" 
Width: 7.875" 
Wheelbase: 13.25
Thickness: 0.5" 
Hole Pattern: New School
Grip: Clear and Custom Print Die Cut

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