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DB 40" Single Speed V2 Longboard Complete

$252.00 $210.00
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The DB 40" Single Speed V2 is designed for freestyle, carving, and cruising. Pressed from 7 plies of maple with a bamboo top sheet, it measures 40" long and 9.5" wide. With flex to absorb vibrations, this symmetrical shape has wheel cutouts to avoid wheel bite. With micro-drop platform to lower your center of gravity, kicktails increase maneuverability and add dynamic to flatland tricks. The platform has concave and rocker for comfort. 

The Single Speed V2 comes fully assemble with the DB 40" Single Speed V2 Deck, Atlas 180mm 48 Degree White Trucks, Cloud Ride Slide 70mm 86a Purple Wheels, Risers, System ABEC 5 Bearings, System Bearing Spacers, and System Stainless Steel Hardware.

Function: Freestyle, Cruise, Carve
Material: 7 Plies of Maple
Features: Kicktails, Micro-Drop, Flex, Wheel Cutouts, Rocker, Radial Concave
Length: 40" 
Width: 9.5" 
Wheelbase: 28" 
Thickness: 0.5" 
Rocker: 0.5"
Concave: 0.38"
Hole Pattern: New School, Old School
Grip: Black

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