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Caliber 10" 44 Degree Red Rum Trucks

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The Caliber 10" 44 Degree Red Rum trucks are designed for downhill, freeriding, freestyle, carving, and cruising. Cast with aluminum, the hanger measure 7.12" with a 10" axle length. The 44 degree baseplate provides stability with a broad turing radius. The board side barrel bushing provides additional stability and the road side tall cone bushings dive into turns.

Materials: Aluminum
Hanger Length: 7.12" (181mm)
Axle Length: 10" (254mm)
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Baseplate Angle: 44°
Bushings: Barrel Board Side, Tall Cone Roadside
Bushing Durometer: 89a (Blood Orange Bushings)
Hole Pattern: New School, Old School
Set Weight of Two: 2lbs 1oz

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