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Seismic Tekton Ceramic 10mm Bearings


The Seismic Tekton Ceramic 10mm bearings have built in spacers with a flat contact surface that co-aligns and self-stabilizes. The broad flange interface corrects flaws in the axle or bearing seat and self-straightens to prevent bearings from being pushed out of alignment. The built in spacers are self supporting and protect bearings from internal stress.

Naturally water proof, ceramic is harder, lighter, and stronger than steel. It produces less friction which creates a fast and long lasting bearing. With rubber-coated steel seals protection, the nylon cage to secures the ball bearings. They come pre-lubricated for immediate use.  

**These bearings will only fit on 10mm axles**

Features: 8 Ceramic Ball Bearings, Built In Bearing Spacers, Nylon Cages, Rubber-Coated Steel Seals, Pre-Lubricated and Greased, Self-Aligning, Self-Stabilizing, Self-Straightening
Diameter: 10mm
Weight Set of Eight: 3.3oz

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