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Bronson Speed Co. G2 Next Generation Bearings


The Bronson Speed Co. Next Generation Bearings have 7 steel ball bearing with a steel casing. The deep groove raceways reduce impact damage and maintain speed. Non-contact rubber shields protect against grime, reduces oil leaks, and allows for easy cleaning. Microscopic groove raceways are self-smoothing for improved lubrication and spin. The max impact cage design is constructed with non-distorted glass filled nylon for strength and evenly spaced ball bearings.

The ball cage sockets surfaces are engineered to hold oil for lubrication. A special blend high speed ceramic oil increases durability, reduces rust, and increases speed.

Each set of Bronson bearings are hand inspected twice, micro polished, ultrasonic solvent washed 3 times prior to lubrication, and packaged in nitrogen filled shrink wrap to reduce oxidation during shipping.

Features: Deep Grooved Raceways, Non-Contact Rubber Shields, Micriscopic Groove Raceways, Max Impact Cage Design, Lubricated Ball Cage Sockets, Factory Inspected
Diameter: 8mm



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