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RipTide 87.5a Pink Barrel APS Bushing

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RipTide Barrel APS Bushings provide for a stable platform and slightly higher rebound than the Cones.  Their straight wall shape is very responsive and predictable with a solid level of rebound to set your trucks back to centerline after quick turns.  

Best Use:
RipTide APS Barrel Bushings are perfect for higher speed freeriding and downhill.

Best Combo:
Try combining the RipTide APS Barrel Bushings witha set of RipTide Cone APS Bushings.  This combination produces aggressive carves and low to mid-speed freeriding.

RipTide recommends tightening the kingpin nut to the point where it is difficult to turn the bushing in the bushing seat by hand.  Best practice is to use a flat washer to lower resistance and a cupped washer for higher resistance.  The APS does not change much when you tighten the kingpin nut past snug.

The RipTide  APS Barrel Bushing measures .60"tall making them a perfect fit for reverse kingpin "cast" trucks such as Paris, Calibers, Bear Grizzly and Randals.

Animated Polymer System (APS):
RipTide describes their APS Formula as follows:  "As the name implies, this compound is very lively and offers higher rebound with lots of control and lean.  For the same durometer, the APS will turn 10% to 15% more than the same durometer of other brands."  This formula  produces a very stable feel near centerpoint yet requires very little lean effort to produce desired turns.

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