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Venom SHR Standard Pack 83a Pastel Yellow Bushings

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The Venom SHR Standard Pack Bushings includes a SHR Barrel and Cone Bushing.  The Standard Pack is designed for all around performance and versatility.  The Barrel Bushing on the boardside creates outstanding stability and the Cone Bushing on the roadside delivers quick and responsive leans and turns.

Best Use:
Venom Standard Pack Bushings are perfect for Cruising, Carving and Mellow Downhill.

Best Combo:
For the best of both worlds, try using the HPF Formula Standard Bushings on the boardside and SHR Formula Standard Bushings on the roadside.  This combination provides good stability for speed while maintaining quick and nimble responsiveness for Carving and Cruising.  A large and small cupped washer is recommended in order to give the bushings proper support to generate the desired bounce back to centerline.  The cup washer on the boardside  allows for responsive rebounds while a cup washer on the roadside provides for controlled lean.  

Venom Standard Pack Bushings measure .6" tall and .97" wide making them a perfect fit for reverse kingpin "Cast" trucks such as Paris, Caliber, Bear Grizzly and Randals.

Super High Rebound Formula (SHR):
Venom SHR is made of high rebound and damping urethane that perfectly compresses and releases as needed producing fast turn responses and snappy rebound to centerline.  The built in damping characteristics of the formula adds stability and adjustability to the bushing.  SHR is designed to deliver the ultimate turning experience.  Quick turns, tight turns, steep turns, predictable and controllable turns. 

Venom SHR Standard Packs are sold as seen with two bushings that service one truck.  Purchase two Bushing Packs to complete your longboard.  Washers sold separately.

Body Weight / Durometer Index Table:
50-100 lbs: 73-80a
75-125 lbs: 78-82a
100-145 lbs:80-85a
125-175 lbs: 80-87a
145-195 lbs:82-90a
175-220 lbs: 85-93a
200-250 lbs: 90-93a
225 lbs and up: 90-98a

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