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GOLDCOAST was founded in 2009 by Nate Coan, Dustin Ortiz, Brock Harris, and Chris Brunstetter.  The name is meant to be abstract instead of referencing a specific place, encouraging skaters to travel and expose themselves to new experiences.  Skateboarding and Design  are at the core of GOLDCOAST.  Design is the starting point of all of their products.  GOLDCOAST engineers custom design trucks, bearings and wheels from quality materials to complement their decks and produce the best possible performance and durability.  With 3 different series of styles, these board are built from North American maple or bamboo, cold pressed, and precision cut.  Salt Lake City based, GOLDCOAST appreciates the awareness of small details and this is reflected in every product they produce.  Their development approach, whether a longboard truck, skate deck, t-shirt or hat is to convey a sense of fun and quality design and materials.  They take it easy, seriously!