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Moonshine Spark 32" Longboard Complete

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The Moonshine 32" Spark is designed for cruising, freeriding and campus shredding. Pressed with their full composite construction, one ply of vertically laminated Albus are sealed with a urethane rail and truck mounts. This makes the board 100% water proof while adding vibration dampening and protection. It measures 32" long and 9" wide. The platfrom has a micro drop that transitions into a radial concave, rocker for stability and a micro kicktail for tricks. The adjustable wheelbase fits New and Old School Truck Mounts.

The Spark Longboard Complete comes fully assembled with certified original Moonshine components including the Moonshine 32" Spark Longboard Deck, Theeve CSX 5.85 Silver Trucks, OJ 60mm 78a wheels, Abec 5 Bearings, Bearing Spacers, Stainless Steel Hardware, and Risers.

Function: Cruise, Campus, Mini
Material: Full Composite Construction, Vertically Laminated Albus, Urethane Truck Mounts 
Features: Water Proof, Recessed Truck Mounts, Multiple Wheelbase Options, Micro Drop, Rocker, Radial Concave, Directional, Top Mount, Kicktail
Length: 32"
Width: 9"
Wheelbase: 17.75" - 18.5"
Thickness: 0.25"
Concave: 0.625"
Rocker: 0.5"
Hole Pattern: New School, Old School
Grip: Black Laser Cut Jessup

Completes: The Longboard Store orders all Longboard completes with the manufacturer's recommended high-end components.  This ensures all Longboards perform as intended by the manufacturer and that each component complements the performance and geometry of each shaped Longboard.  Manufacturers reserve the right to substitute components on their Longboard Completes without notice which may alter the descriptions above. 

Warranty: Selecting Longboard completes with certified manufacturer's components preserves your manufacturer's warranties and ensures your Longboard performs to the highest level of performance and durability. 

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