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Caliber II 10" 50 Degree Satin Gold Trucks


The Caliber II 10" 50 Degree Satin Gold trucks are designed for downhill, freeriding, carving, cruising, and freestyle. Cast with aluminum, the hanger measures 7.18" long with a 10" axle length. The 50 degree baseplate has a tight turing radius. With a barrel bushing for stability, the tall cone dives into carves. 

The inner-step bushing seat has a large contact area for high rebound from the bushing.

The outer-step bushing seat is a perfect circle to provide a snug fit with oversized aftermarket bushings.

The decreased chamfer in the pivot cup seat increases contact with the baseplate. This creates a tight fit for the pivot pin. 

The circular pivot hole matches the specs in Caliber precision trucks. This offers a consistent lean and avoides kingpin bite on the hanger. 

The trucks are heat treated in-house for a 40% increase in strength. 

The pressed in kingpin provides maximum response and control through corners. It can be hammered out and replaced for personalized kingpin lengths.

The reinforced baseplate provides additional protection during high speed impacts.

Unlike powder coats, these trucks have thinner paints to insure tightened tolerances.

Materials: Aluminum
Special Features: Inner-Step Bushing Seat, Outer-Step Bushing Seat, Tight Fit Pivot Cup, Prefect Circle Kingpin Hole, Heat Treated, Pressed-In Grade A Kingpin, Reinforced Baseplate, Thinner Paints
Hanger Length: 7.18" (182.38mm)
Axle Length: 10" (254mm)
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Baseplate Angle: 50°
Hole Pattern: New School, Old School
Bushings: Barrel Board Side, Tall Cone Road Side
Bushing Durometer: 89a (Blood Orange Ultra-HR)
Set Weight of Two: 2lbs

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