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Independent 129mm LOW Reynolds GC Hollow Silver Trucks


The Independent 129mm Low Reynolds GC Hollow Silver trucks are designed for park, pool, street, freestyle, and cruising. The hanger measures 127mm long with a 196mm axle length. To reduce the weight, the axles and kingpin are hollow. The low heights provides stability during tricks and a broad turning radius. The board side cylinder bushing provides stability and the road side supercush bushing adds agility.

Materials: 356 T6 Aluminum Baseplate and Hanger, 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles
Features: Hollow Kingpin, Hollow Axle, Low Height
Hanger Length: 127mm 
Axle Length: 195mm
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Height: 48.5mm
Bushings: Cylinder Board Side, Supercush Road Side
Hole Pattern: New School
Set Weight of Two: 1lbs 7oz

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