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Randal Downhill 160mm 35 Degree Raw Trucks

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The Randal Downhill 60mm 35mm Degree Raw trucks are designed for downhill and freeriding. Cast with aluminum, the hanger measures 159mm long with a 229mm axle length. With a grade 8 kingpin for industrial strength, the board side barrel bushing provides additional stability and the road side short cone is maneuverable. The 35° baseplate is stable at high speeds with a broad turing radius.

Materials: Aluminum
Features: Virgin Aluminum Grade 8 Kingpin, Made in USA, 100% Neutral Caster
Hanger Length: 159mm  
Axle Length: 229mm
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Baseplate Angle: 35°
Bushings: Board Side Barrel, Road Side Short Cone
Bushing Durometer: 91a
Hole Pattern: Old School
Set Weight of Two: 2lbs 2oz

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