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Road Rider 180mm 45 Degree Hollow Mirror Black Silver Trucks


The Road Rider 180mm 45 Degree Hollow Mirror Black trucks are designed for downhill, freeriding, and freestyle. Cast with aluminum, the hanger measure 180mm long with a 249mm axle length. The hollow kingpin and axle reduce the overall weight without sacrificing strength. The barrel board side bushing provides stability and the road side tall cone provides maneuverability.

Materials: Aluminum
Features: Hollow Kingpin, Hollow Axles
Hanger Length: 180mm 
Axle Length: 249mm
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Baseplate Angle: 45°
Bushings: Board Side Barrel, Road Side Tall Cone
Hole Pattern: New School, Old School
Set Weight of Two: 1lbs 14oz

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