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Arbor Signature Highland Tyler Howell 75 mm/75A - Black Wheels

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As the largest and fastest wheel in our line, the Highlands is built to grip hard in fast chicanes and maximize exit speed through drift corners. Square lips with a wide 60mm contact patch and our extra soft 75A Apex formula urethane deliver strong stopping power and snappy hookups for holding your line through the most challenging corner combinations. 

Signature Series

Team tested on mountain grades, neighborhood steeps, and city streets, our Signature Series uses high performance urethanes, exclusive shapes, and fiberglass reinforced cores for enhanced control, roll speed, and durability in all conditions.

Apex Formula

Built for the mountains, ultra high-rebound urethane makes this formula the fastest and grippiest in our line.

Revolver Core

Delivers maximum support for larger wheels and helps provide the high levels of grip, speed, and slide control needed for the most challenging terrian. 


  • Size: 75mm
  • Durometer: 75A
  • Contact Patch: 60.0mm
  • Offset: 2.0mm

Additional Details

Wheel Type:
Wheel Size:
75 mm
Wheel Hardness:

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