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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please give us a call at 541-306-6829 or email.

Shipping / Tracking FAQ


How do we ship the items?

For larger shipments we will use FedEx, and smaller orders will ship with USPS. Orders going international, military and orders to states off the continent(Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico) will ship USPS priority mail.

How long will my order take to get to me?

Why don't I have tracking?

I paid for 3 day shipping why is it taking 5 days to arrive?

I paid for an express shipping option why has my order not shipped yet?

Can I use my own Fedex/UPS account?

Do you ship to Hotels?

Is international shipping free?

What countries do you ship to?

Why does international shipping take so long?

Will there be customs fees when I receive my order?

I ordered multiple times, why do I only have one tracking number?

Board / Parts FAQ


What type of board is best for me?

How do I customize my board?

Is it cheaper to buy a complete or separate parts and assemble it myself?

Why didn't my order arrive built as a complete?

Can I do custom graphics or change the current graphics?

How do I fix Wheel bite?

What do the numbers on the wheels mean?

What is delamination?

How come hardware wasn't included with my trucks?

Do the wheels come with bearings?

Do you have any beginner boards?

How much weight can these boards hold?

What size spacers do I need and what do they do?

Safety Equipment FAQ


How do I pick the right size of gloves?

How do I know the right size of pads or helmet?

What size board is best?

Warranty / Returns FAQ


How do I return an item?

What is the warranty available?

Can I return this board even though it was only ridden once?

Are gloves covered under warranty?

Will my bearings survive water?

Can you waive the restocking fees?

My product arrived with damage?

General FAQ


When will you restock your boards/products?

Why is my payment card not working?

Is it easier to order over the phone or online?

Where are you located?

What are your shop hours?

Can we visit the warehouse and buy in person?

Can I have some free stickers?

Can I have some free stuff?

Do you have military discounts?

Why don't we sell a certain companies product?

Will you sponsor me?