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Prism was founded in Santa Cruz, CA in 2016 by a group of friends with the focus of keeping skateboarding fun and authentic. The Prism crew includes Liam Morgan, James Kelly, Max Myers and now many others. They have all spent time in the skate industry either as professional riders or employees for some of the industry’s best-known skating companies. Max, James and Liam started Prism because they felt there wasn’t a board company out there that reflected their style and passion and while they have deep roots in downhill skateboarding, they launched Prism with the purpose of drawing people to a skateboard regardless of how or where they want to ride. Prism's goal is to make skateboards that perform as good as they look while catering to any style or skill level. They aim to bring enjoyment that reminds you why you got into skating and ensure that you never stop. 

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