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Downhill Longboards

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Downhill Longboards for Sale

Downhill longboards are built for riding down hills at high speeds. Downhill drop through longboards tend to be best for downhill riding because they sit lower to the ground, making the center of gravity lower, which creates more stability. Board stability is extremely important while bombing hills if you don't want to lose control.

Downhill longboarding is similar to freeride longboarding but is less technical and more reliant on speed. Downhill longboarding is the most challenging of the longboard riding styles but can be learned by intermediate riders. We are proud to offer the highest quality downhill longboards for sale. Here are our recommended downhill longboard completes and individual downhill longboard decks for downhill riding from manufacturers including Sector 9, Madrid, Arbor, DB, and Prism.

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Family owned since 2006, The Longboard Store offers quality brand-certified longboard completes, longboard decks, trucks, wheels, and accessories. Longboarding is a unique skating experience and we offer only the highest quality longboards and related tech to guarantee a smooth ride. We offer longboard completes with all brand certified equipment. However, if customization is what you’re after, we offer a wide variety of decks, trucks, wheels, and other accessories for your longboard. The longboard community is a unique crew so even if you start off with a complete, you can switch up your trucks and wheels depending on your mood and destination. Check out the different longboard brands we sell like Arbor, Landyachtz, and Sector 9. By shopping with us, you’re guaranteed free USA shipping and no sales tax. Start browsing our high quality selection today and find the longboard that perfectly matches your riding style.