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Family owned since 2006, The Longboard Store offers quality brand-certified longboard completes, longboard decks, trucks, wheels, and accessories. Longboarding is a unique skating experience and we offer only the highest quality longboards and related tech to guarantee a smooth ride. We offer longboard completes with all brand certified equipment. However, if customization is what you’re after, we offer a wide variety of decks, trucks, wheels, and other accessories for your longboard. The longboard community is a unique crew so even if you start off with a complete, you can switch up your trucks and wheels depending on your mood and destination. Check out the different longboard brands we sell like Arbor, Landyachtz, and Sector 9. By shopping with us, you’re guaranteed free USA shipping and no sales tax. Start browsing our high quality selection today and find the longboard that perfectly matches your riding style.

Pintail Longboards for Sale

Pintail longboards are longboards designed with a pointed nose at both ends of the board to prevent the deck from coming into contact with the wheels during a turn. This issue is called wheelbite and can stop your forward motion. Pintail longboards are optimized to avoid wheelbite. These longboards are great for cruising and carving around town. Check out our pintail longboards for sale from the highest quality longboard manufacturers: Sector 9, DB, Madrid, Prism, and Arbor.

If you’re looking to cruise around town in style and without the pesky issue of wheelbite, check out our pintail longboards. Their sleek and professional design ensures a smooth and agile ride—no matter your skill level.