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Cruisers For the Street and Skate Park

Posted by The Longboard Store | Grace Seelye on

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We are frequently asked the question: “I want a cruiser for around town, but would like to go to the skate park every once in a while.” There are many hybrid skateboards that are for riding around town and skate parks. The key things to look for in a skateboard is the hardness of the wheel, size of the wheel, kicktail, and the length and width of the board.


Back in the day, skateboards only had one kicktail. And as the need developed, skaters added another kicktail for nose tricks. If you are only looking to occasionally take your board to a park and do tricks, you will only need the one kicktail. For a frequent park skater, you may like two kicktails.


Generally, park skateboard wheels will be around 51-55mm with a hard durometer. The smaller wheel will allow you to break out of tricks faster and give you a faster roll speed on cement. Faster rolling wheels will make you gain more speed and air for your tricks. Occasional skate goers can ride with a larger wheel of 65mm with a soft durometer. Softer wheels will roll faster on street pavement - but not quite as fast when you are in a skate park.


As for your board’s length, people below 5’4” will want something 29” and under. Someone who is taller will want your board to be 32” and up. Larger boards will give you a longer wheelbase for stability and also more room for your feet to land.

You are now ready to pick out your board. Below we have selected boards for the more frequent and occasion park skaters. Click on the photograph to see more information about the board.

The DB 29" More Trees Cruiser. One kicktail and mellow nose kick. 65mm 78a wheels. For often skate park goers that like to also cruise town.

The Arbor 26" Hrbrid Foundation Skateboard. Two Kicktails. 61mm 82a wheels. Skate park worthy board that cruises nicely in the city.

The Landyachtz 26" Dinghy Floral. One kicktail. 62mm 82a. Great size for kids and the adults that want to do some tricks. 

The Globe 31" Tracer Blue Cruiser. One kicktail. 62mm 83a wheels. For the occasional skatepark goer but likes to cruise around town. 

The Sector 9 32" Woodshed Skateboard. Two Kicktails. 61mm 78a wheels. For the frequent skate park rider that is taller or likes more foot space.

Click here to see more mini cruiser options. Now that you know what to look for, you can pick out your own cruiser-skateboard hybrid.

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