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With respect to the environment as their motivation, Arbor makes 42 different sustainable boards. Arbor started transforming Arbor snowboards into longboards to skate the local hills. In 1998, they started their official skateboard division. Today, Arbor offers 9 collections of skateboards made with sustainable maple, with some collections produced with exotic wood top sheets. In 2011 Arbor produced the Cypher, their first downhill deck, breaking them into the downhill community. Continuing to keep a green mind, Arbor produces their own wheels using natural eco-friendly components. They support a skate team of 20 riders who cover each style of longboarding, 32 artists who contribute to their graphics, and promote bands through their blog. Emphasizing on sustainability, a portion of every Arbor purchase is donated to their Returning Roots Program to protect the rain forest, reducing the world's carbon footprint.