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Sector 9

Sector 9 was founded in 1993 in the backyard of co-founder Dennis Telfer's house. Living in La Jolla, California, Steve Lake, Dane Klimkiwicz, Dennis Telfer, and Tal O'Ferrell started building boards after their favorite deck was stolen. After a friend nicknamed the house Sector Nine, their unbranded decks became a business over beers, a pool table, and a hand shake. Based in San Diego, California, they produce skateboards, longboards, wheels, and apparel. Decks are produced with maple, bamboo, fiberglass, and/or carbon fiber. Sector Nine supports different board cultures and sponsors 10 downhill skaters, 7 skaters, 7 surfers, and 5 bands. Today, they are one of the largest producers of longboards in the world.

Sector 9 now offering an Industry leading 25 year Limited Warranty on Decks!

Look for the Sector 9 "Certified Complete" symbol whenever purchasing an Sector 9 Longboard Complete.  This symbol ensures your Sector 9 Deck is assembled by Sector 9 using select, high-end components that complements the performance and geometry of each Sector 9 board.  When buying Sector 9, look for the "Certified Complete" symbol to ensure your board has the performance and durability as intended from the manufacturer. 


Save 75% on a Sector 9 Helmet when you purchase a Sector 9 Longboard!  Use Promo/Gift Certificate Code: Sector9