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Bearing Spacers

p classstyle1 alignleftBearing spacers allow for proper alignment and spacing of your bearings They are especially necessary when bearings are subjected to hard carving and slidingp p classstyle1 alignleftThe first number shown in the description is the axle size and the second number is the spacer width p p classstyle1 alignleftMost skateboard trucks use axles that are 8mm in diameter and trucks like Bear may use a 10mm axle System Skate offers a spacer to accommodate 10mm axlesp p classstyle1 alignleftMost wheels use 10mm wide spacers and only a few use 8mm wide spacersp p classstyle1 alignleftKryptonics Classic 76mm - 8mmbr Kryptonics Classic 80mm - 8mmbr Gravity Fu Manchu - 8mm br Never Summer 72mm - 8mmp