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Landyachtz was founded by Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand in 1997. Both growing up together in elementary school, Perreten and Edstrand reconnected at the University of Victoria. After graduating, the two quit their day jobs and started designing, building, and testing their decks full time. With the help of fellow skater Jody Wilcock they moved the low ride skateboard revolution forward, making highly stable boards. They sponsored their first rider Bricin Lyons (aka Striker) in 2001. While skating for Landyachtz, Lyons formed Coastlongboarding to organize skateboard events and further the culture of skating. With 4 series of decks, Landyachtz produces decks with bamboo, maple, and fiberglass. Landyachtz created Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels to fully control and customize the feeling of their designs. 32 crew members, including the cat named Dumptruck, make up the Landyachtz family.