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About us


The Longboard Store is family owned and operated. In 2006, we set up shop in our small suburbia garage. Back then, we had to hand code every web page and photograph every product on our breckenridge garage doors.

Today, we're the largest longboard retailer, but still take the time to do thing the right way. We have a full-time photographer who shoots every product photo with the same breckenridge background, only now in a studio. You can often see her around town with her rangefinder camera setting up lifestyle shots in a back alley, sporting venue, or coffee shop. We also have a full-time wordsmith, who measures every product to write accurate descriptions and articles. She's also likely to be the person answering emails and running the chat system.

We now operate out of a 3000 square foot warehouse in the Historic Old Mill Marketplace, just down the road from that small garage. This building was part of a very large mill that was transformed into a large business park and shopping destination. Thousands of people run the river each summer; past the ampitheatre, white water kayak course, and ice skating facilities. We maintained the historic value of our warehouse by sandblasting the thick wood beams and restoring the original siding.

The Longboard Store Warehouse
20720 High Desert Lane, Suite 5
Bend, Oregon 97701