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Seismic Tekton Abec 7 8mm Bearings


The Seismic Tekton ABEC 7 8mm bearings hold the Official Downhill World Record of 80.83mph by Mischo Erban. With 7 steel ball bearings, the built in spacers have a flat contact surface that co-aligns and self-stabilizes. The broad flange interface corrects flaws in the axle or bearing seat and self-straightens to prevent bearings from being pushed out of alignment. The built in spacers are self supporting and protect bearings from internal stress. 

With nylon retainers, the removable rubber-coated steel shields protect the steel ball bearings. Pre-lubricated with oil and grease, the inner race is stepped underneath the seat block dirt and grime.

Features: 7 Steel Ball Bearings, Built In Spacers, Self-Straightening, Self-Supporting, Nylon Retainers, Rubber Coated Steel Shields, Pre-Lubricated and Greased, Stepped Race
Diameter: 8mm
Weight Set of Eight: 3.8oz

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