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Bones Reds Bearings

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The Bones Reds bearings have stainless steel ball bearings. The single non-contact removable rubber shields provide easy maintenance. The high speed nylon cage is pre-lubricated with Bones Speed Cream.

Features: Stainless Steel, Single Non-Contact Removable Rubber Shields, High Speed Nylon Cage, Pre-Lubricated With Bones Speed Cream
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Weight Set of Eight: 3.2oz

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Very Good

    Published by Mathew Mullaney on 6th Jul 2015

    Tons better than even Abec 9 bearings at a very low price. Definitely worth the investment.

  • 5
    Best For The Price

    Published by Unknown on 6th Jul 2015

    There are three types of bearings on the market today: The cheap ones that you get with every complete that spin well for a week and then make loud noises and stop working with a drop of water touching them. The ones you can buy for an affordable price when customizing your board that can tolerate some water and are easy to clean, even though they don't need much cleaning at all. The ones that the rich posers buy thinking that a 'Benjamin' will make a difference and that these overpriced pieces of fancy metal will make them a better rider. Which of these bearings sounds more appealing? I would prefer the middle bearing myself, which is why I purchased Bones Reds.

  • 5
    Bones Reds

    Published by Charlie Goracke on 6th Jul 2015

    Simple and cheap upgrade that is totally worth it. Life span isn't amazing but for what you are paying you are getting a great deal.

  • 5
    bones redz

    Published by Brenden Bernthal on 6th Jul 2015

    pros- fast, durable, easy to maintain, CHEAP! cons- none! dont get any of the other bearings unless they are biltins or tektons. otherwise you are wasting your money on those swiss and ceramic ripoffs!

  • 5
    Worth It

    Published by Jake Gravelding on 6th Jul 2015

    Very cheap, well made, significant difference from my old Sector 9 abec 5's. I love this bearings and am buying more for my other board. Also comes with a really cool metallic glossy sticker!!!! Bones is a good company, BUT DONT BE FOOLED BY ABEC RATING/MATERIAL/SWISS!!!!!!! First off abec DOES NOT MATTER. if you used the bearings for precise manufacturing machines that need to be accurate to the .00001 of an inch, yes, for a longboard, NO. Material? you will not achieve speeds where heat will be an issue, ceramics are not that great. plus they are over priced, no way it costs that much more to make little ceramic balls rather than steel. swiss? cool, your bearings are made in Switzerland, here's a cookie. DONT BE CONNED INTO SHELLING OUT MORE MONEY FOR THINGS THAT MAKE NO DIFFERENCE!!! My conclusion, Bones Reds are worth it, all their other products are not. Hope i helped.

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