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10mm Bearings

p classstyle1 alignleftBearings have a couple of measurements that you should be aware of 10mm shown with these bearings have a larger hole size to fit trucks that have 10mm axles This is not a common size and is typically used on racing trucks use thicker axles for stiffness The outer diameter is the same on all bearings and can be used with any wheelpp classstyle1 alignleftThe second number is shown as an abec rating This number classifies the precision of a bearing when manufactured Abec1 is considered the lowest rating and abec9 as the highest An abec9 bearing will be ground or polished to a higher tolerance and in turn may be faster and last longer A very precise bearing will have reduced friction friction causes heat and heat ultimately will cause bearings to failpp classstyle1 alignleftWe always recommend that you clean and lube bearings regularly A well maintained Abec5 bearing will outlast an Abec7 bearing that is not maintainedp