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Revenge Alpha I 8.5" Silver Trucks


The Revenge Alpha I 8.5" Silver are  is a single pivot 45° torsion trucks designed for carving, cruising, sidewalk surfing, pumping, and freestyle. The hanger and baseplate are cast with with 8DC12, recycle base, lead free aluminum. The hanger measures 5.8" long with a 8.42" axle length. With a single drum bushing for high maneuverability, the locking tabs reduce the chance of wheel bite. 

Materials: 8DC12 Recycle Based Lead Free Aluminum
Features: Locking Tabs, Single Drum Bushing
Hanger Length: 5.8" (129mm)
Axle Length: 8.42" (214mm)
Axle Diameter: 8mm
Bushing: Drum
Bushing Durometer: 97a (High Impact Polyurethane, Made in the USA)
Hole Pattern: New School, Old School
Set Weight of Two: 2lbs 3oz

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