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Bear Gen 6 Black Longboard Trucks 180mm 50 Degree

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Bear Gen 6 180mm 50 degree kingpin longboard trucks sit about 10 inches in width.

Redesigned from the ground up and incorporating technology perfected in our high end DH and Freeride trucks, Gen 6 Grizzlies are the best performing cast trucks on the market today. Game changing strength and highly refined steering geometry are just the tip of the iceberg.

-Width: 10 inches

-Kingpin Angle: 50 degree

3 Reviews

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    solid, stable, yet carvy

    Published by Jim Wehmeier on 6th Jul 2015

    i like the solid feel from the tight tolerances, the amount of turn and fast return of the stock bushings and the middle weight of the truck. I cruise, carve, slide, freeride (and a little freestyle), these trucks are great for all of these things, especially if you like a heavier-freestyle/light-freeride deck. The trucks are beefier than paris 180s providing a bit more control when free styling but not nearly as heavy as a hefty caliber. I've owned this truck for about a year the aluminum hanger is starting to bend from the freestyle landings but this truck is worth replacing. I prefer a loose setup: these trucks turn well but not as much as a paris.. My problem could easily be fixed with a set of cone bushings.

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    Your Ordinary Truck

    Published by C. Wilson on 6th Jul 2015

    I have had these trucks for about three months now, and have been very satisfied with them. They accept my movements properly and are a bit more sensitive, as you would expect, as they are a 52* truck. I personally use these trucks for sliding and freeride, for which they are very helpful in both controlling your slide and breaking the wheels free. One thing that I would recommend to everyone that purchases these is that you buy different bushings for the truck. The bushings that come with are lackluster and meant to be a one size fits all type thing.

  • 5
    Awesome Buy!

    Published by Ethan Schmidt on 6th Jul 2015

    Great truck!! Only got like 20 min of ride time in but its pretty much what I expected. Also the free shipping was super fast, it came all the way to Maryland in 2 days.

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