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3 Reasons Your Feet Hurt While Longboarding

3 Reasons Your Feet Hurt While Longboarding

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 15th Sep 2022

Most people will experience typical aches and pains after partaking in any athletic activity. The only thing you can do is learn what causes those pains so that you can take measures to prevent them in the future. When riding a longboard, your feet go through the wringer. Knowing the three reasons your feet hurt while longboarding will make it easier to take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself against pain.

You’re Choosing All the Wrong Things

As with anything in life, you must find the proper fit to yield the best results. Whether you’re searching for a job or a specific article of clothing, choosing something that’s a good fit helps you become a better version of yourself. The same holds true for longboarding; choosing shoes and a longboard that are the right fit will help you succeed in this activity.

Longboarding requires significant mobility in your feet, so it's critical to have footwear that won't inhibit your movement. Shoes with taller heels might make it hard to balance while riding because they alter your weight distribution across the sole of your foot. Therefore, get a pair of kicks that are conducive to boarding and aren't overly tight.

The wrong longboard can also cause your feet to hurt after riding. If a board is too small, you might hit the pressure points of your feet when riding, aggravating the pain. Conversely, if a longboard is too large, your feet work overtime to control the board. Thus, make sure you have the correct longboard for your feet, or else you'll be wincing in pain until you make the switch.

You’re Wearing the Wrong Socks

One would think that wearing socks gives your feet more protection because of the extra layer they provide. However, socks could be a detriment while boarding because they cause your feet to sweat excessively, creating skin irritation. When a rash develops on your feet, it's nearly impossible to ignore the burning pain. So, if you wear socks, make sure to choose the moisture-wicking variety.

You're New and Are Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Moderation is as key for dieting as it is for longboarding. If you're only a casual rider, you might not experience the same pains as those who ride their boards daily, like it's a way of life. Going too hard on your board can strain your feet, putting you at risk for an injury.

Additionally, if you're new to the longboarding scene, jumping in too quickly can cause you to shock your feet by putting them through so much work. Like working out after a long hiatus, your feet will be sore after your first few rides. Fortunately, it's only temporary, and your body will soon catch up.

You'll inevitably have foot discomfort while longboarding, but at least you know what to expect from the three reasons why your feet hurt while longboarding. You can get blank longboards for sale from The Longboard Store—just make sure they're the right size to protect your feet! Take our helpful quiz to determine the type of longboard you should purchase to fit your style. Within a few minutes, we can guide you to the longboard of your dreams.