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3 Ways To Personalize Your Longboard Deck

3 Ways To Personalize Your Longboard Deck

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 20th Dec 2022

The clothes you wear and the style you portray say a lot about who you are. For longboarders, it goes beyond the apparel you wear. Your longboard deck is another medium to illustrate your individuality, and these three ways to personalize your longboard deck are an excellent place to start.

Flat & Angled Risers

You can turn to angled or flat risers to give your longboard deck an added lift. These flat and angled risers come in various designs and sizes, making them excellent options for personalizing your longboard. Risers go between the deck and the baseplate. Angled risers modify the angle of your truck’s baseplate, giving your ride more control depending on how it’s set up and how you turn.

Flat risers elevate your board and the wheels and help combat wheelbite. Risers will increase the grip for downhill longboarding because the added height increases the wheel’s vertical leverage over your wheels, assisting you when taking sharp corners. 

Footstops for the Correct Positioning

Footstops are useful for all forms of more intense riding. From freeride to downhill, a well-placed footstop is essential. A footstop allows you to quickly identify optimal front foot positioning without needing to glance down and keeps your front foot securely anchored in the appropriate position. Locking your feet at high speeds is crucial, particularly if your deck lacks drops.

The only disciplines where footstops are ineffective are carving and cruising. You want to place your feet wherever on the deck without having to navigate around it. Grab tools and discarded bushings to build a foot stop on your board. Or you can opt for a foot stop kit to ensure you have all the necessary parts.

Get Colorful

The most significant advantage of purchasing a complete blank longboard is that it’s a canvas to bring your vision to life. You don’t have to settle for the manufacturer’s artistic design when you can be a Michelangelo yourself.

You’re better off removing the trucks of the board, allowing you to free hand your desired artwork. Once you apply the design, remove anything unnecessary and carefully cut it out. A shoddy cutting job may not appear initially, but it will be noticeable when you apply the finish.

Swiftly and effortlessly add a base coat of color using spray paint. When the paint is dry, you can see the makings of your final artwork, giving you a customized deck that will draw looks of awe from your peers. The deck isn’t the only area where you can add color. Put the finishing touches on your customized board by adding bushings and wheels of your favorite color.

These three ways to personalize your longboard deck ensure that your deck is unlike anyone else’s, giving you a one-of-a-kind board. The Longboard Store is here to help you craft the perfect longboard. With several blank longboards available, the options for your imaginative design are endless!