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4 Helpful Tips for Longboarding on Rough Roads

4 Helpful Tips for Longboarding on Rough Roads

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 10th Oct 2022

Boarders cannot always account for freshly paved roads and sidewalks to cruise on. Unfortunately, cracks, uneven pavement, and rocks can ruin your riding experience. But when you follow these four helpful tips for longboarding on rough roads, you should conquer the rocky roadways.

Create the Best Setup

Some longboards are better for rough roads than others, so you must configure a setup that can handle harsh terrain. The most integral part of your setup is your wheels. You’ll want something that can roll over things easily, absorb shocks, and have enough forward momentum to overcome obstructions. Larger and softer wheels are your best bet to ride as smoothly as possible.

If you prefer doing tricks on your board, you might get away with solely opting for the softer wheels. However, if you use your longboard like a nomadic traveler, large (70mm) and soft (78-85a) wheels give you the best opportunity to conquer the obstacles in your way.

Be on the Lookout & Don’t Push It

The smallest things can create the biggest of problems when riding on your longboard. It may be difficult to spot small pebbles and cracks, but you should have a keen eye for the larger ones that could be destructive. If you are on gravel, dirt, or sand, keep a straight line and steer clear of making tight turns. There’s no reason to get creative and try new things when the surface is questionable. Keep it simple and safe.

Find the Right Speed

When we drive in tumultuous weather, we travel at a safe speed because we don’t want to put ourselves and other drivers in danger. Using that same premise is a wise idea when you’re longboarding. However, you need to have enough speed to prevent any falls. Going 10 mph is the sweet spot when you’re riding, as it’s fast enough to groove over small cracks and pebbles but not too fast that you lose control.

Clean Your Bearings After You Ride

When your journey is complete, please don’t put your board away without cleaning it. A rough road also means you’ll collect debris that causes your wheels to stop spinning as they should. Therefore, clean your bearings after each trip to ensure that they keep rolling along. If you don’t clean your bearings, the buildup will lead to several complications, requiring you to replace your bearings entirely.

These four helpful tips for longboarding on rough roads allow you to explore areas you were cautious about before. You can find the finest arbor longboards for sale at The Longboard Store. We have a wide range of longboards for all riders, and we’ll help you find the best one for you when you take our short questionnaire.