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4 Tips for Removing Grip Tape From Your Longboard

4 Tips for Removing Grip Tape From Your Longboard

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 5th May 2023

Improving your longboard experience means adding unique elements to your board to help you achieve a smoother ride. One of the best alternations you can make to improve your performance is to add grip tape, a thick cover that keeps your feet locked to the board slightly.

This cover will also protect your longboard and help you achieve skills quicker because it makes it easier to manipulate and flip your board. After some time, it is essential to replace the tape to ensure your grip continues to be strong and effective. These four tips for removing grip tape from your longboard will help you tackle this essential chore.

Apply Heat

Applying heat to the grip tape with a hair dryer or a heat gun will make it easier to peel the sheet in one piece. Start by blowing hot air to the top; you will feel when the glue softens. Once it does, grab the grip tape sheet from a corner and start pulling. As the tape starts coming off, blow hot air directly into the glue, making it go quicker without leaving glue spots behind. Most online longboards come with basic tools and attachments; you must add tape and adjust your trucks with care to improve your experience.

Use a Wall Scrapper

A scrapper will help you get between the grip tape and your board to separate the glue and peel safely and slowly off the sheet. Finding the space between the surface and the tape may be challenging without heat, but it is still possible; lift the sheet from a corner and insert the scrapper. Avoid ripping the tape into smaller pieces; this will take more time, and lifting the center will be more complicated. The blade must be thin and dull to prevent you from scratching the top part of your longboard.

Use a Razor Blade

A razor blade and heat are the perfect pair for effectively removing your old grip tape, allowing you to place the new one and improve your experience. By heating the edge of the tape, you can slide in the razor and cut through the glue; just ensure you don’t cut through the tape or scratch your board. Removing grip tape from your longboard requires time, patience, and attention to detail; a clean job will keep your board in good condition for longer.

Remove Glue

Occasionally, after removing the grip tape, some glue spots will remain strongly attached to the top of your longboard, and it is also essential to remove them. Using glue or adhesive remover will achieve this step successfully; pour a couple of drops over the glue and massage it gently until gone. Too much liquid could dry and crack your board so keep it simple. You can also use oil to massage and remove the glue.