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5 Essential Longboard Tools for Beginners

5 Essential Longboard Tools for Beginners

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 24th Apr 2023

Your lifestyle revolves around the activities that fill your day, which is why choosing them wisely is important. Longboarding is an activity that helps you spend more time outdoors and get some exercise.

Whether you want to longboard dance, freestyle, or just enjoy a nice ride in your city, you must have the right equipment to improve your experience. These five essential longboard tools for beginners will help you prepare better to practice properly and stay safe.

Nose and Tail Protectors

Trying longboarding for the first time involves falling and learning from experience, which can damage your body and your board. Adding nose and tail protection to your board will help you better grip your longboard so that you can properly manipulate it and ride safely. These plastic guards will help ensure your board’s performance doesn’t decrease because of damage.

Helmet and Knee Pads

Some tools are not for your board and, instead, help keep you safe directly. A helmet and knee pads are essential tools for longboard beginners. Wearing a helmet at all times, using knee pads for enhanced protection, and learning to fall will help you avoid injury while you develop your skills. As a beginner, you’ll face some challenges, and the right equipment will help you overcome them.

Grip Cleaner

Longboards have a unique design and materials with special elements to enhance manipulation, balance, and control. Pintail longboard decks and other types of longboards allow you to better grip the board with the right shoes and pressure as long as they’re clean. A grip cleaner will remove dust and some debris to maintain consistency and help you achieve your goals.

Skater Trainers

This little device holds your longboard in place so that you can practice and develop tricks without movement in a more controlled environment. Skate trainers are essential longboard tools for beginners because they’re perfect for working on various skills and preventing accidents while learning. You can add two to the front or back wheels or use four for more stability. They’re great for beginner tricks like ollies and kickflips.

Skate Tool

With constant practice and usage, some of the main elements on your longboard, such as trucks and wheels, could loosen up. This can then make it harder to manipulate your board. A skate tool is similar to a small wrench. It allows you to tighten screws around your wheels to ensure everything performs correctly. You can always carry this tool with you since it’s portable and easy to use.