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A Quick Guide To Kickflipping a Longboard

A Quick Guide To Kickflipping a Longboard

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 8th Dec 2022

Cruising long distances on a longboard can be nice, but adding some tricks to your arsenal helps you become a more well-rounded longboarder. A kickflip is a classic trick for any boarder to learn, and a quick guide to kickflipping a longboard can help you accomplish this feat.

General Tips & Advice

Before you perform your first kickflip on a longboard, following basic safety recommendations is best for your well-being. You should never try to add a new trick to your repertoire without wearing a helmet. Even the best longboarders in the world had some falls when they started, so you want to ensure that you protect your noggin. Wearing other protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads, is also wise.

Once you feel secure, assess your surroundings and steer clear of crowded areas. You’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position if you’re learning something new around a small gathering. You might hurt yourself or someone else with an errant kickflip. And if you aren’t confident enough to give it your best shot, you should wait until you’re more comfortable.

Protect Your Shins at All Costs

Those general tips for all things longboarding aside, we have some specific suggestions for kickflipping. The first and most critical tip is to wear shin guards. Your shins are in the line of fire every time you fail this trick. You can choose between a neoprene, hard shell, or softshell shin guard. Neoprene is the lightest but cheapest, whereas the hard shells will protect you the most but are heavy.

How To Kickflip On a Longboard

Now that you practiced the best safety precautions, it’s time to put the wheels in motion and do this kickflip. A kickflip is a three-step process that may take several practice attempts before you stick it, so don’t lose your patience if you don’t nail it immediately.

  1. Gain speed and build momentum: it’s a tough ask to do a kickflip if you lack the speed and momentum.
  2. Jump while kicking the longboard’s tail forward: with your back foot towards the tail and your front foot in the middle of the deck, kick downward to elevate your board.
  3. The catch: a common issue you’ll have is that your front foot will stay near the ground, making it difficult to catch the board.

Your front shoulder is another critical element in performing the trick. Your instincts may pull your front shoulder back, making it impossible to get your front foot back on the board. Many longboarders succeed when they focus on the trick while standing still. Going through the motions without the longboard will establish your muscle memory, even if it looks like you’re doing random high steps in the park.

This quick guide to kickflipping a longboard should help you master the kickflip with minimal bumps and bruises. And if you need a complete drop-through longboard to give it a shot, The Longboard Store is here to help. We have a vast selection of longboards that suit any style and skill level, so browse our store today!