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Arbor Skateboards —  A Quick History

Arbor Skateboards — A Quick History

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 26th May 2022

Many people don’t know that Arbor started by selling wooden snowboards. Soon after launching, they began manufacturing and selling skateboards. Today, they also have a strong apparel line. Arbor donates a portion of its sales to restoration of the environment and is one of the most innovative and influential brands in the skateboard and longboard industry.

Arbor offers a unique collection of longboards and skateboards organized into series or collections. The most well known series is the flagship series. These 7 Ply Canadian Maple boards highlight Arbor’s sustainable, high quality, natural wood style boards that have been around since 1995.

The Arbor Groundswell Series is a quiver of surf inspired skateboards built for cruising and carving. These skateboards consist of maple wood topsheet and a colorful yet simple graphic design.

The Foundation Series is Arbor’s surf inspired mini and mid-length cruiser collection.

Arbor’s Bamboo Collection has been around for almost as long as the brand itself. Utilizing renewable bamboo, these boards are sustainable and fun. This series consists of the Zeppelin, Sizzler, Pilsner, and Pocket Rocket.

Arbor’s newest addition is the Shaper Series. These surfskates are a collaboration between Arbor and Carver trucks, the brand largely responsible for the surfskate movement in the skateboard industry.

Arbor Longboards are some of the highest quality boards in the world. They have a unique wooden style that makes them strong, durable, and eye-catching. If you are interesting in learning more about Arbor or have any questions in helping you select a board, email us at [email protected]