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Best Longboard Tricks To Try for Beginners

Best Longboard Tricks To Try for Beginners

Published by The Longboard Store on 6th Jun 2022

Whether you are new to the scene or transitioning over from a different board, performing tricks on a longboard can be challenging at first. Practicing the best longboard tricks to try for beginners should help you nail the basics before you attempt more complex moves.

A Standard Pivot

A pivot is a conventional 180-degree turn. Not only are you turning 180 degrees with your board but also with your torso. The critical component of this maneuver is twisting your upper body in preparation for the turn. This entails tilting your rear shoulder and guiding the motion with your arms. You should then spin swiftly and keep your position rather than attempting to control the movement with your lower half. Before pivoting, bend your knees to establish stability and prevent injury.

Fakie Shuvit

While this move is strikingly similar to the pivot, there are some differences, including a flip. The first modification is that you’ll be riding fakie. Fakie refers to riding the board backward with the tail in front while still going in the direction you’re looking.

Rather than leaning back and rotating your upper body while doing a shuvit, your body will remain neutral, rotating just slightly. Hold a bent-knee position, put your force on your tail, and turn the board. At 90 degrees, you’re going to attempt to leap and bring the foot from the front of the board to the tail as you safely land.

Ghost Ride

Knowing how to ghost ride is extremely beneficial if you’re seeking to add some flair to an ordinary ride, but it may also help you practice other skills. To execute a ghost ride, begin to cruise. When you’re prepared to start the stunt, stay on your front foot and swing your rear foot around so that you are standing on the same side of the longboard. Your back foot will then revert towards the front position of the board, making a figure-eight as you ride.

Ghost Ride With a Side of Kickflip

This trick starts as a regular ghost ride but with a wrinkle. You’re going to do a kickflip as you hop back onto the board. At this point, you will sweep your board into the air, causing it to flip 360 degrees and allowing you to return safely to the board.

This is a stylish technique that elevates and adds swagger to your ride’s aesthetic. When you combine this feat with others, no one will dispute your longboarding talents.

360 Pirouette

To perform a 360 pirouette, slide the inside of your front foot outwards. While still riding, leap up and turn 360 degrees using just your body. You may want to try a dry run on the ground before doing the maneuver on your board. This move is arguably one of the most complicated yet elegant tricks any longboarder can do. Anyone who can showcase this trick will turn heads. 

Performing the best longboard tricks to try for beginners should give you the confidence to keep getting on your board. The Longboard Store has all your longboard needs, including downhill longboards for sale. Sign up with your email today to get a special discount and be in the know about our new releases and exclusive promotions.