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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Learning To Longboard

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Learning To Longboard

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 9th Feb 2023

Longboarding is an activity that requires time and practice to master because it involves different skills that you must develop to feel comfortable. Balance, strength, and manipulation are some of the main characteristics required for a successful ride, something you will achieve with experience.

These common mistakes to avoid when learning to longboard will help you understand what not to do in order to have a successful ride. Longboarding is an activity full of adrenaline and sometimes high speed; you must get comfortable with this to master your skills progressively.

Standing on the Back of Your Board

If you have tried skateboarding and longboarding, you will notice the boards come in different sizes because their purposes are different. It is essential that you distribute your weight between your front and back feet to have control over your longboard; otherwise, you won’t know how to handle it.

Putting most of your weight in the back is a common mistake; it might feel like it’s the right thing to do, but you must avoid doing this. Not having full control over your board as a beginner will make learning the right technique challenging, and the experience could get frustrating.

Learning To Ride on Tight Trucks

The trucks on your board hold the wheels together and dictate how well they perform while you ride. Longboards with tight trucks will give you less control, especially while turning. However, they are ideal for downhill longboarding with few turns. Loose trucks will give you more control when shifting weight, and it’s ideal when learning. Be sure to avoid wheel biting on tight turns.

Foot Braking Incorrectly

Before trying downhill longboarding or freestyling, you must learn to stop completely or slow down efficiently in order to avoid accidents. A common mistake to avoid when learning to longboard is trying to run before you walk, meaning you need a strong base before trying speed-related activities. It starts with strong braking.

Learning how to foot brake is essential for safety. You must learn how to balance your weight on one foot and lower the other to the ground. Place your weight over the middle of the board, squeeze your core, and use your stronger leg to create friction on the ground and slow to a stop.