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DIY: How To Clean Your Bearings

Published by Heather Peterson, The WordSmith | Grace Seelye, Photo on 20th Oct 2015

If your bearings start to feel rough, noisy, or are visibly dirty, it's time for a clean up! Bearings should also be cleaned when there is a noticeable slow in speed or been exposed to moisture. 

You will need:
-bearing cleaner (99% rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, citrus based cleaner)
-rag or old t-shirt
-a well ventilated area
-safety glasses advised
-gloves advised
-if you are under 18, parental guidance is required

Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Wear safety glasses and gloves to avoid chemical contact with your skin. If you are under 18, parental guidance is required.

Remove the bearings from the wheels. Unscrew the axle nuts and washers. Put them aside for later use.

With the bearing on the inside of the wheel, gently pull back. The wheel should release the bearing. Put the spacers aside with the axle nuts and spacers. Repeat for each wheel.

Use your rag to wipe down each bearing.

Remove one shield from each bearing with a straight edge. Be carful not to bend the shield at an extreme angle, it could break. Use caution to avoid cutting yourself. Repeat for each bearing.

Place each bearing onto the cleaning bolt with a spacer in between each one.

Fill container with bearing cleaner. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Swish the cleaner for 5 min, allowing cleaner to remove all dirt and grime.

Remove the bearings from the cleaner and off the bolt. Put the spacers back onto bolt. Some bearings cleaners can be reused multiple times. Read the instructions from your bearing cleaner for disposal. 

Let the bearings dry on the rag or old tee shirt. Make sure they are completely dry before the next step. 

Lube bearings with 1 or 2 drops. To much lube will attract dirt, resulting the bearings needing to be cleaned again. Gently replace the shields on the bearings. 

Reassemble your wheels and bearings. If you are unsure how to do this, read the How To article.