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Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Longboard Bearings

Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Longboard Bearings

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 22nd Sep 2022

Cleaning your longboard bearings doesn’t require extensive work, especially when you have the right tools. You likely have most of these items at home already, so acquiring these supplies won’t be too much of a hassle. You need a razor blade, solvent, container, storing tray, lube, rags, and a wrench to make your bearings as good as new. Once you have these in hand, you’re ready to follow these easy steps for cleaning your longboard bearings.

Remove the Wheels & Bearings

Start by loosening the axle nuts with the wrench to take the wheels off. Put the washers in your handy dandy tray to avoid losing track of them. The last thing you want is to realize that a washer vanished in the middle of reassembling.

The next item on the agenda is removing the bearings with the truck axle. Move the wheel halfway toward the end of the axle, leaving just one bearing. Rotate the wheel outward and around to force the bearing out, with the axle firmly grabbing the inside of the bearing. Do the same thing for the other wheel.

With the bearings free from the wheels, take the razorblade or whatever sharp object you choose to pry the bearing off the shields. This step requires a steady, delicate hand because you don’t want to bend the shields. You can add these items to the tray where your washers are.

Give Them a Soak

With those two steps completed, the cleaning can officially begin. A cleaning solution or solvent that doesn’t contain any water will do the trick. Take the proper precautions and cover your skin when you’re working with chemicals because you don’t know how you’ll react.

Drop the bearings in a dish full of the solution. Stir the mixture to ensure you thoroughly clean the bearings. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub away any remaining dirt.

Dry & Lube Them

Dry off the bearings as soon as possible. Place them in a towel and wipe them off, or you can turn to a blow dryer to do the job.

Once dry, re-lubricate the bearings. This is the most crucial part of the procedure, considering non-lubricated bearings cause detrimental friction. Choosing skate-specific lubes for bearings is your best bet since other options, like WD-40, wear off quickly. 

Putting Things Back in Place

The last step is putting the bearing shields back on. Fortunately, this part is simpler than removing them. Arrange them where you want them and gently push them from the center until they pop back on. Once they snap back into place, you’re free to cruise again with renewed bearings. 

Following these easy steps for cleaning your longboard bearings should extend their lifespan while improving your ride. The Longboard Store has a fantastic inventory of longboards, including DB longboard decks, at an affordable price. If you are confused about which board best suits you, we have you covered with our three-step quiz.