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Electric Longboard Review — Everything to know before you buy

Electric Longboard Review — Everything to know before you buy

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 19th Jun 2022

In the past decade, one of the biggest changes to skateboarding and longboarding is the immersion of electric boards. Today, there are more electric longboards than ever. Electric skateboards have become extremely popular in urban areas and on college campuses. Electric boards are great for commuting because they are quick, convenient, easily carried, inexpensive, and sustainable. With soaring gas prices, an electric skateboard is a great option for getting to work or school.

There are two types of electric skateboards: electric cruisers and electric longboards. Electric cruisers are best for short distance trips while electric longboards are better for longer distances. Electric longboards are usually much more stable and can reach higher speeds than cruisers. Electric longboards were originally created for transportation purposes. Today there are also off-road electric longboards. These boards have specialized wheels for the rough terrain. Road boards are very similar to regular longboards. Electric longboard retailers such as evolve skateboards, boosted boards, atom longboards, and Blizart sometimes offer electric boards that work both on the road and off-road. Evolve longboards have conversion kits to change wheel terrain type.

The biggest difference between regular longboards and electric longboards is in the way they are ridden. Significantly less effort is needed to ride an electric longboard because there is no need for constant pushing. The motor is usually placed underneath the skateboard deck or between the wheels of the board. Electric skateboards usually use a dynamic braking system. Speed is controlled from a wireless hand-held remote that allows control over acceleration and the brakes.

The best electric longboards have the longest battery life and the best brake system. Because electric longboards usually go faster than regular longboards, protective equipment such as helmets is suggested. Most electric skateboards are between $400 and $2,000. The price difference between regular and electric longboards is from the electric longboard battery and motor. This advanced technology drives electric skateboards and is extremely high quality. These two pieces allow most electric longboards to reach between 20-30 mph on flat ground. Check out our available selection of electric longboards for sale.