Exercise Benefits Of Skating

Published by Heather Peterson, The WordSmith | Grace Seelye, Photo | Aaron Keller, Rider on 15th Jan 2016

It's time for you new years resolution, here's why learning to longboard should be on you list. 

Even for the most fit skater, pushing is a work out. 30min of skating is better than 30min in a gym on a treadmill. It smells better too.

Flexibility and Strength:
Skating will help you stretch your hips and ankles while strengthening your entire body. You use your legs to push, core to balance, and upper body for agility. 

Improved Coordination:
Learning to carve, freeride, and cruise requires coordination between your knees, feet, hips, and upper body. Longboarding uses your entire body to control movement and stopping. 

Cross Training:
Longboarding is used as cross training for snowboarding, surfing, and wake boarding. When your season is over or the conditions aren't ride, you don't have to stop training. Grab a board and get to work.

Improved Balance:
Increasing your balance will help you strengthen you core and avoid falling. This is important as age starts to effect our balance.

Learn To Fall:
Although your balance will be vastly improved, eventually, everybody falls. Always make sure you wear your helmet in the case that you will fall. Learning how to land correctly on a longboard will decrease your chance of injury, on or off a longboard.

Mental heath:
Learning new things challenges your brain to adapt. Longboarding also gets you active and outside, which releases dopamine, making you happy.