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Fit Guide: The Proper Way Your Skate Helmet Should Fit

Fit Guide: The Proper Way Your Skate Helmet Should Fit

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 8th Nov 2022

“Life’s hard; get a helmet” is some brotherly advice that Eric Matthews gave his beloved younger brother Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World when he was looking for guidance. While you may not need a helmet to live your life, you need one while you go longboarding. This guide on the proper way your skate helmet should fit will keep your head cozy and protected.

How To Measure Your Head

It is critical to measure your head before you start shopping for a helmet. Use a measuring tape for the most accurate reading. But you can get a general idea from any cord in the house, assuming you have a ruler to decipher your findings. 

To determine your head circumference, begin in the center of your forehead, just above your brows, then stretch the tape around your noggin above your ears and back around the head to where you started. This reading will give you an idea of the helmet size you need. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to browse for the perfect helmet. However, even if you have an accurate measurement, it could still be too big or too small.

Indications Your Helmet Is Too Small

A snug helmet is important unless it’s so snug that it starts to give you an unpleasant headache. Your helmet should protect your head, so if it’s so tight around your temples that it’s causing you agonizing pain, maybe you should measure your head again and shop for a new helmet.

Signs the Helmet Is Too Large

If you stuffed your head into a smaller helmet, your instincts could lead you to overcompensate and go with one that may be too large. Initially, that idea makes sense because your splitting headache goes away, but what happens if you have a fall?

A helmet that’s too large offers little to no protection. The easiest way to see if your helmet is too big is by tilting your head like you’re a dog trying to understand something. If your helmet is constantly shifting or even possibly even falling off, it’s evident that it’s too large.

The Perfect Fit

You know you’ve found the perfect size when you get that glove-like feeling when you wear your helmet. It’s snug enough that it doesn’t bounce around with your head movements and loose enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re putting your head through a juicer. Your true answer will come by checking to see if there are any gaps between your head and the foam lining. If you have no gaps, congratulations! You found the perfect fit.

This fit guide for the proper way your helmet should fit should make your life easier when you’re contemplating what helmet you should pair with the longboard skateboards for sale you can get from The Longboard Store. We have a longboard for any style and talent level. Please let us know if you need assistance, or you can take our quiz to find out what type of longboard is best for you.