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Longboard vs. Skateboard

Longboard vs. Skateboard

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 20th May 2022

Longboards are a type of skateboard that offer a smooth and stable ride. Longboards are usually significantly longer than skateboards, hence the name, but that’s not the only difference. Because of their additional length, longboards are more stable at higher speeds than skateboards. Longboards are great for cruising and as a method of transportation. They tend to be sturdier and easier to learn on than skateboards too.

Skateboards are great for simple street skating and tricks. Because of their shorter wheelbase, skateboards are more compact, making most tricks easier to perform or learn. The most famous trick is the Ollie, where the rider kicks the board completely off the ground. Skateboards are also usually less expensive than longboards.

Many boards fall in between the two categories. Most longboards are longer than 34”, but most standard skateboards are shorter than 30”. Boards between these lengths are a hybrid. Longboard skateboards are extremely versatile boards that are fun for carving, cruising, or street skating. You can even perform or learn tricks on longboard skateboards.

Longboarding tends to be a more casual style of skateboarding than street skating. Both are extremely fun, but it all comes down to preference. If you’re trying to decide between buying a longboard and a skateboard, think about what you’ll be using the board for. If you have any questions or want some suggestions, email us at [email protected]. We have a wide selection of hybrid longboard skateboards available too!