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​Longboard Wheels — Everything to know

​Longboard Wheels — Everything to know

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 25th Jun 2022

Wheels are amongst the most important features on a longboard. The right set of longboard wheels can bring longboarding to the next level. They have great variation depending on the type of longboarding you’re looking for.

Wheel Hardness (Durometer)

Skateboard wheels typically follow a 100 point Durometer A Scale. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Harder wheels are better for longboarding because they provide a smoother ride, while softer wheels are good for street skating. Wheel Durometer is one of the most important aspects of longboard wheels. High durometer wheels are best for longboards. 

Wheel Size

Wheel diameter is measured in mm. 70 mm wheels are the most common for longboards, while sizes usually vary from 65mm-80 mm. Larger wheels offer more stability and faster top speeds, but are slower to accelerate. A wider contact patch offers more grip, while a narrower contact patch offers less. For this reason, wider wheels are better for downhill riding while narrower wheels are better for freeride longboarding.

Wheel Shape

Also known as the wheel’s contact patch, the shape is very important. Larger wheels have a larger contact surface. Larger contact surface distributes your weight over a larger area and decreases rolling resistance. This means that a larger contact surface allows for faster speed. The two main shapes for longboard wheels are square lip and round lip wheels.

Square Lip Wheels

A square lip wheel has a larger surface and a larger contact area making them faster. These are generally great longboard wheels. The edges of these longboard wheels are sharp. Square lip wheels are best for downhill longboarding and freeride longboarding.

Round Lip Wheels

Skateboard wheels with a rounded lip have less surface touching the ground which makes them slower. Round lip wheels are most common on standard skateboards, but they are also great for longboards. Cruiser longboards often work well with round lip wheels.

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