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Loose vs. Tight: How Tight Should Your Trucks Be?

Loose vs. Tight: How Tight Should Your Trucks Be?

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 3rd Jan 2023

Knowledge comes with experience; sometimes, that experience includes falls, injuries, and long hours of training. There are parts on your longboard that you can adjust to get different results depending on how advanced your skills are and the time you spend practicing.

Choosing loose versus tight longboard trucks depends on various factors to keep your style on point and deliver your best tricks. You can adjust the tightness at any time to try new things and learn what works best for you.

Loose Trucks

Loose trucks will give the board more flexibility so it takes less impact while performing tricks. This is useful when trying more complicated tricks when you still need a high level of control. Riding downhill with loose trucks could be more of a challenge because speed could make you lose control over your longboard, and it’s harder to recover.

Testing your trucks will dictate which level of tightness you are more comfortable with; to loosen them, all you need is a screwdriver. Ensure that the screws are deep enough through the board to prevent the wheels from falling off or breaking.

Tight Trucks

Tight trucks will give your board less flexibility and add more pressure to the overall body, which could become challenging with certain tricks. Tight trucks are the best option for downhill longboarding because they give you more control and stability when shifting weight and avoiding things on the road.

When tightening your trucks, ensure they have just enough room to move a little. Too much pressure and the wrong trick could split your board in half. A DB drop-through longboard will give you the best experience with speed and manipulation to maximize your skills on the road.

Try Both

The best advice is to try both options to feel the difference and choose for yourself; some people are more comfortable with loose trucks because it gives more flexibility. Longboards can be great for both speed and tricks, and tight trucks on longboards give more control.

Choosing between loose or tight trucks creates experiences that match your expectations with other characteristics like body type and weight. Everyone can enjoy this activity, especially people who like extreme sports. Trying both will give you all the answers you need.