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Pintail vs. Drop-Through Longboards: What's the Difference?

Pintail vs. Drop-Through Longboards: What's the Difference?

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 1st Apr 2022

When you want to get a longboard, you may feel confused about the different types available. Two primary ones that you may see are pintail and drop-through longboards. Learn more about both here.

Noticeable Differences

There are several noticeable differences between the two types of longboards. For starters, the most obvious one is the board's shape itself. A drop-through longboard has large wheel cutouts, and its deck is long and rectangular. The pintail deck resembles a surfboard with its pointy pin-like tails, which is how it gets its name.

The mounts are also different between the two options. A drop-through longboard mounts through the big holes in the deck's wingtips. In contrast, the pintail board has a top-mount design because the mounts screw onto the bottom. Based on the mounts, a pintail board is much higher from the ground than a drop-through longboard, affecting its stability if you reach higher speeds. Let's delve deeper into pintail vs. drop-through longboards. We’ll answer the question, “What's the difference?”

Pintail Longboards

Many people prefer pintail longboards due to their traditional style. This "sidewalk surfer" gives users a comfortable and smooth ride on trails or throughout the city. Because of its ease of use, it's the ideal option for a novice to hone their skills before becoming more adventurous.

On the downside, pintail longboards aren't as versatile as drop-through boards, particularly if you want to cruise. Additionally, since they’re higher off the ground, they aren't as stable, and the concave design limits the amount of maneuvering you can do.

Lastly, you may not want to take a pintail board on a long journey. You'll use more energy operating a pintail longboard from all the pushing and kicking it requires.

Drop-Through Longboards

Drop-through boards offer the versatility that a pintail lacks, giving you more foot space to work your magic on the board. Not only is a drop-through board better for dashing through town, but it's more suitable for long-distance travel. The drop-through board offers more flexibility by limiting the chances of wheel bite when doing tight turns. A pintail board makes it next to impossible to make sharp turns confidently.

What Should You Choose?

So who wins when weighing the differences between pintail vs. drop-through longboards? Both options offer a different experience, so it might be challenging to decide. If you enjoy nostalgia, a pintail longboard is the choice for you. The surf-style look is perfect for laidback cruising and practicing your balancing skills.

However, if you’re looking for downhill longboards for sale, you can't go wrong with a drop-through longboard. You won't have to alter your plans or cut a trip short on a drop-through. Also, you'll reach speeds and do tricks that you can’t do on a pintail.

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