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Protective Equipment You Need When Longboarding

Protective Equipment You Need When Longboarding

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 5th May 2022

Purchasing equipment for a new hobby is exciting. Longboarding is no different, especially when you take the time to find boards with the hippest designs. However, you can not overlook the protective equipment you need when longboarding to prioritize safety.


It’s not a question of whether you need a helmet, but what type of helmet works best for you. When you start out, you’ll mainly be sticking to going down small hills and taking easy corners. Thus, a half-shell helmet should suffice. The full-shell helmet is for more experienced riders performing more complicated tricks or riding down steeper terrain.

While some opt-out of a helmet because of their experience and ride difficulty, you should always wear one because you never know when an accident will happen. One awkward fall could lead to a severe injury because you were helmetless.

Hip Pads and Knee Pads

Unless you are a prodigy, you will take a few tumbles when learning new tricks and skills. Considering it’s hard to control the way you fall, it can leave your hips vulnerable to the brunt of the damage. To alleviate the pain of those falls, you can utilize some hip pads.

Of all the body parts in jeopardy from a fall, your knees are the most likely candidate to hit the pavement first. Pairing knee pads with your hip pads offer superior protection from the inevitable spill. Either soft or hard-shell pads work, with the soft version being less intrusive and the hard being more protective.

Slide Gloves

Slide gloves are vital if you are cruising through hills and other sharp turns. The gloves will safeguard your hands if you fall and allow you to slow down without using your brake foot. The first pair of slide gloves were nothing more than gardening gloves with a chunk of a cutting board glued to them. Luckily, slide gloves have significantly improved since their invention, so you don’t need to DIY with kitchen utensils.

Hi-Top Shoes or Ankle Protectors

Style and design may be important aspects of a new pair of shoes. However, if you want a pair of solid longboarding kicks, choose a pair of hi-top shoes to protect you from getting gashed or rolling an ankle. Equip ankle protectors with lo-top shoes for similar protection.


It’s easy to overlook your eyes when focusing on other parts of your body, but they are imperative to protect while you ride and sunglasses will do the trick. They prevent bugs from flying into your eyes, minimize wind effects, and limit glare. It help to see clearly when flying down a hill at 40-plus mph, so don’t forget to grab a pair.

Other pieces of gear like elbow pads, a leather suit, and spine protectors can further protect you as you become a more experienced skater. Regardless of what you ride, these pieces of protective equipment you need when longboarding ensure you’re always ready to ride. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, when you’re looking for a longboard skateboard for sale, The Longboard Store is home to the finest selection. Check us out today!