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Regular vs. Goofy: What’s Your Longboard Stance?

Regular vs. Goofy: What’s Your Longboard Stance?

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 8th Mar 2023

Most sports and activities that require a board have two standing options that will define how well the rider performs. Your stronger leg usually dictates your standing option, but this might also change based on balance characteristics; experience will define which position you are most comfortable in.

Choosing between regular and goofy for your longboard stance will dictate which side you must put more pressure on to balance your body effectively. You can always switch between stances to develop better body awareness. Still, it’s best to put your strongest foot in the back.

Regular Stance for Longboarding

Regular stance means your right foot rests at the back of your longboard, and you use the left foot to guide and manipulate your longboard. To determine your strongest leg, think about which leg you extend first when going upstairs.

Your stronger leg will help you balance, put pressure on the back of the board to develop tricks, and determine which foot you must use to slow down. A regular stance is more common because at least 85 percent of the population is right-handed, making their right leg stronger. Keep in mind that some lefties ride regular.

Goofy Stance for Longboarding

In the goofy stance, your left leg will be on the back, and the right leg will guide the board. Both stances have similar foot positions in opposite directions. You don’t necessarily need to be left-handed to ride goofy; it depends on how comfortable and capable you feel with either position.

Sometimes, people will feel more comfortable leading with the stronger leg because it gives them more control when turning and slowing down. Your body will naturally prefer one side to ride to give you the best experience, and a blank longboard is the best option to start learning.

Which Stance To Choose?

The best way to determine your stance is by trying both and learning how you feel the most comfortable with balance, strength, and speed. Regular and goofy longboard stances determine the best options for skill development; some tricks will be easier depending on your leg control and manipulation.

There are also special cases in which a person can ride well in both positions, making it simpler to longboard because they have no limits. Get on your longboard and experiment as much as you can to become the best you can be!