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Standard Kingpin vs. Reverse Kingpin: What’s the Difference?

Standard Kingpin vs. Reverse Kingpin: What’s the Difference?

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 15th Nov 2022

One of the most vital considerations you must address for your longboard is the trucks you’ll use. Luckily, the only two options available are standard and reverse. Learning the difference between standard and reverse kingpins helps you zero in on your answer.

The Standard Is the Standard

Standard kingpin trucks have screws pointing inward to shield them from grinding and other hazards. This kingpin style is best for shorter boards because they are more conducive for cruising, carving, and riding in a park.

Typically, skateboards have standard kingpins, but they are becoming more prevalent in longboarding. One detractor of standard kingpins is that they are less stable, even if they provide more control for the rider. Additionally, based on their clearance and maneuverability, they are only useful on top-mount decks.

What a Reverse Kingpin Offers

A reverse kingpin configuration has the kingpin on the other side of the axle, hence its name. As a result, if you are riding reverse kingpin trucks, your kingpins will face away from one another instead of facing each other as in conventional setups.

Reverse kingpins spin more and are higher than conventional trucks, which makes carving and turning much easier. The baseplate angle significantly impacts how much spin and lean your reverse kingpin has. Adjusting the baseplate angle can compensate for your lean and turn with reverse kingpins. Because of this, longboarders appreciate these kingpins more than the standard due to being dynamic and agile at modest speeds and delivering improved control at high speeds.

How To “Flip the Hanger”

You may have heard the phrase “flipping my hangers” when a border refers to their trucks. This statement implies reversing the hanger to face the opposite direction, reducing the truck’s profile while promoting its stability.

It reduces the responsiveness of the trucks by altering the hanger’s deck lean resistance. Several riders want a lower center of gravity, but this layout might render your longboard more vulnerable to wheel bite. Therefore, inspect for wheel bite before you alter.

You can only flip the truck hanger with a reverse kingpin because it’s flat, unlike the standard design. Remove the kingpin and detach the hanger from the baseplate to begin. Then, rotate the hanger in the other way and fasten it together.

Learning the differences between standard kingpins and reverse kingpins helps any longboard enthusiast know what they should look for. Standard is the way to go if you are into controlling your cruiser boards for grinds and tricks. However, the reverse kingpin is your solution if you want a stable and safe grind.

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